Words to live your life by…


Came across a blog post earlier today by Lawrence Rosen, MD of Oradell, and founder of the Whole Child Center, which I thought needed to be shared with you.

The post considers the words that give life meaning and I think it’s pretty powerful stuff.

Here are his ten words to live by.

Presence: To be fully engaged in what you are doing right now.

Vulnerability: The willingness to be let others see you as you are.

Clarity: Transparency and lucidity of vision and thought.

Equanimity: The evenness of mind to stand steady in the face of stress.

Gratitude: An intentional appreciation of what and who you have.

Creativity: The use of your imagination to produce something, anything.

Authenticity: Walking the walk. The most honest “way of being.”

Passion: An incredibly intense desire that is barely containable.

Compassion: Love and acceptance for another as if they were you.

Love: “We accept the love we think we deserve.” (Stephen Chbosky)

I believe that these ten words can easily be used to help us all get balance across our life, and I suggest that you score yourself on a scale of 1-5, 1 = low, 5= high in terms of how you feel you’re living your life right now. It makes interesting reading. Go do it and share your thoughts.