Why did I create MyGoalBook?


Have you, like me sat down on New Years Eve and set out your goals for the coming year?

Most of the people that I know have done this or something similar.

I have gone further and attended seminars run by people like Tony Robbins and Jack Black, gone through programmes run by Jack Canfield and Brian Tracy. I’ve read numerous books on how to be successful, how to get more from life, how to do this and how to do that.

I know the theory about what I need to do to take advantage of the Law of Attraction. I know that I need to write down my goals, I know that I need to attach emotion and visualize my achievement of said goals.

If you’re like me, you know all of this too.

So, what’s been stopping us from achieving the unlimited success promised by all of these gurus?

I don’t know about you but what tends to stop me is ‘Life’

Life gets in the way!

The pressures of work, the report that you need to complete, the chores around the house, the ferrying around of your children, the sickness of you, your partner, your children, your wider family. You know what I mean – Life.

What tends to happen then is that your Goals take a back seat as you focus on just getting by each day. After a while, they go out of mind and ultimately forgotten until the next year when you start the whole process over!

Know what I mean? Do you share similar frustrations?

One of the ways that the Guru’s tell us to retain focus is to develop 5x3inch cards containing a brief description of your main goals. They tell you to read carry them around with you and read them 3 to 4 times a day.

I have to say that I done this in the past and yes they do work. I have achieved some amazing things when I’ve followed the process.

The trouble is I have had the tendency to leave the cards behind and again – ‘out of sight, out of mind’

So a few weeks ago, I had a brainwave!

What’s the one thing that most people never leave behind? That’s right their mobile phone! What are today’s mobile phones jammed packed with? Yep – Apps!

Surely someone will have developed an app that recreates the 5×3 cards…

Well, I searched on the App Stores, I search on Google but couldn’t find anything – bugger I thought! Then I had another brainwave – 2 in a short period of time, my head was starting to hurt.

Why don’t I create the app myself?

So that’s what I’ve done – I have designed and managed the development of My Goal Book, a mobile app that allows you to take advantage of the Law of Attraction, an app that you can carry around with you and which will keep prompting you to visualise your goals, an app that will help you with this visualization by showing your selected images for your goals, along with your descriptions and your affirmation.

My Goal Book allows you to say YES to your DREAMS, to empower yourself and envision your future and apply the Laws of Attraction. A powerful and versatile visualization tool that only works.

Try it and let me know what you think…