The Power of Affirmations


Affirmations can be extremely powerful.

I’ve experienced the impact personally many times but probably the most amazing experience was when I attended a Tony Robbins seminar some years ago. At the end of the first day, after a number of sessions developing positive self talk and building an understanding of how to programme your mind, I along with around 1000 other people walked over hot coals.

Not one person burned their feet – and I can assure you that the coals were hot!

How can this be. Well put simply, self talk through clear and concise positive affirmations allowed me to programme my mind to the point where I believed that the coals were cool. It was an amazing high once I had completed the walk and I often look back on that night when I’m concerned about anything.

If I can programme my mind to think that burning hot coals wouldn’t burn my feet and scar me for life, then I can programme myself to do and achieve anything. I have been practicing this approach ever since.

No, I’m not saying that I haven’t had second thoughts and I’m certainly not saying that everything has gone according to plan but what I can say with absolute confidence is that when I’ve used positive affirmations regularly along with clarity of focus, positive things have happened.

The world is littered with amazing feats achieved by ordinary people – many when questioned have stated their belief in the power of affirmations. It does work!

When have you used positive affirmations to achieve success?  Please share your experience.