How to use MyGoalBook



You start your day. You wake up and do your morning ritual. But now you have MyGoalBook, you get a notification to focus on your goal. You already forgot it, but you forgetting your purpose is no more! With MyGoalBook you’re back on track, working on your goal. Now you’re really committed. It’s so important that you have clarity of purpose. Why do you go to work, why do you go to the gym and why do you want to help more clients?

At the end of the day you feel tired and want to sit down and relax, but you get another notification. Focus on your goal at least twice a day and you won’t forget it. Make it a habit to review your goals so you know the direction you want to go. Repetition is the key to success. How will your success look like, how does it feel?

We collected some links to websites that can support you with knowledge and motivation for your journey:

Think and grow rich
Think fast and slow by Daniel Kahneman
Tribes by Seth Godin
The year without pants

Clarity & Purpose
Motivational Speech
Summary of Mastery by George Leonard
P2P Relationship Marketing

Special:The power of calling your customers

Accelerated learning techniques by Tim ferriss
Tropical MBA
Resources for your journey