2013: How was it for you?


Great article in the January 2014 edition of Psychologies Magazine, which I have summarised here.

At the end of each year, we are often inclined to look back on the year and remember all the things that we didn’t do, the goals that we didn’t achieve, and the commitments that we didn’t deliver. However, by doing this, we ignore all the things that we have achieved, even if they are mini victories and successes.

So before leaping into a new year of possibilities, set yourself up by answering these keys questions as you review 2013 and feel positive, inspired and clear about the road ahead in 2014.

1. What can you learn from looking back?

2. What brought you the greatest joy this year?

3. What mantra sustained you this year?

4. What did you learn to let go of this year?

5. What did you learn about yourself this year?

6. What are you most proud of achieving this year?

By considering these questions and really thinking about your answers, I’m sure you will uncover some amazing insights that will help you to drive forward with your goals in 2014.

Go on and take 1 hour out of your schedule now to complete this simple exercise. The reward will be worth it!